GoPro Hero 8 Review

The market is actually taking a huge turn with the launching of GoPro Hero 8. Starting from when DJI started with the introduction of Osmo Action, the stabilization feature used in the GoPro series is further causing more waves than ever. 

Who would’ve thought a former camera maker with a design that used to be worn on the wrist would eventually blaze the trail for several other existing camera makers? GoPro has been doing really great with the earlier series of their Hero action camera and with the recent upgrade, GoPro Hero 8, with super-stabilized footage and quality live streaming features, it’s become a brand to watch out for in their product line. Even as we have the GoPro hero 8 bundle package that includes the GoPro app and GoPro plus yearly subscriptions we’re really the best GoPro action cameras

No doubt, Hero 8 Black is an action camera whose design and included features are hard to beat. The resolution, frames and basic designs are so much of eye-opening. GoPro Hero 8 or Hero 8 Black as many usually refer to it is the evidence that GoPro isn’t coming down on the all-round quality of their cameras. 

In fact, this is the new improvement in the action cameras line of products that will change the way you shoot videos. With the GoPro 8 adjusted design, the issues with the mounting of action cameras have finally being put to a halt as you’ll notice the way the mounting prongs have been built in the camera. 

Opps! Before I forget, the GoPro Hero8 is a black camera in color and you can get yours either directly on the GoPro website or on Amazon. In this review, I will show you amazing things the Hero 8 (Black) is made of.

What is new about GoPro Hero 8?

HyperSmooth 2.0 


Stabilization is a good requirement if you are going to be doing some fast, speedy, and motion shooting. Some people used to think it isn’t a big deal, but, I tell you that the GoPro Hero 8. HyperSmooth 2.0 is a pacesetter on motion video stability.

Let me tell you a bit more! In time past, this isn’t a much-focused software design of many action cameras you often see in the market. And since others don’t pay attention to it,GoPro Hero 8 overtook others in achieving this feature and is currently taking advantage of it as I can assure you’ll find higher of it in other series to come. 

With the HyperSmooth 2.0, GoPro has done better in making its video more stable. This is now available across all GoPro action camera resolutions. 

There are three strong modes of stabilization in the HyperSmooth of the Hero 8 and I will share that with you. “On and High” are the first and second stabilization modes and they typically cut 10% of the Wide lens angle to clean any bumps or lumps from the video. The “Boost” further crops the edges tightly to clear off any bouncing effect during shooting like when you’re videoing and someone disturbs the balancing of your hand. 

An interesting thing again is in the slo-mo effect that you get when you’re operating at either 240fps or 120fps. With it, you can get an action-like or cinema-like effect. Using this feature will require you to turn the HyperSmooth on to get into some action.

Video modes

Added to the SuperView and Linear digital lenses already existing in GoPro previous versions is the small lens for pictures and shooting in the GoPro 8. There’s now an improvement on the resolution shots to give your shootings a tone of professionalism. 

Also, the speed for capture and storage for 4K and others has been boosted to 100Mbps – giving you the opportunity to save space. The Live stream feature has also improved – giving you Full HD 1080p display to online platforms like Twitter or Facebook. 

TimeWarp 2.0


Improved is the TimeWarp 2.0 built with an auto-interval speed selection. It uses an in-built accelerometer to give your pictures frames and spread them for you to see. Furthermore, this new effect makes video stabilization better in timing when the Hero 8 action camera is moving. In fact, with the current timewarp 2.0, you needn’t do any huge editing as it easily picks the pictures. 

Capture Preset

Although the GoPro series has a range of angle lens, zoom in and out settings, frame rates that you can easily get access to on the screen. But, added to these already fantastic features is the Capture preset. 

This is a setting on the Hero 8 camera allows you to do a setup up to 10 image and variants of color for events and interestingly, you can easily switch between them. Ideally, shooting at higher frame rates aren’t sometimes perfect when there is low light.

Likewise, using a wide-angle lens at high resolution cannot be used with HyperSmooth Boost function. You’ll also find out that some shootings look very beautiful in certain colors. So, the Capture Preset helps you efficiently manage these effects as with it, you can customize the GoPro 8 camera setting for different types of shots you want to take given different conditions. 



The Hero 8 (Black) LiveBurst afford you 1.5 seconds capture of series of images left and right and it also gives you a 90 frames burst to select from. A plus to the 1.5 seconds capture is the opportunity to save RAW images and also get your captures in HDR scenes having pretty contrast range, night timelapse, and even in low light. 

GoPro Hero 8 Design 

Although Hero 8 isn’t obviously different from the earlier GoPro Hero 7, the enhancement sets it ahead of the former. 

The front has a kind of monochrome display. Beside it is a permanent lens without detachable glass protector. The lens has anti-scratch and cracks resistant Gorilla glass which is twice stronger than that of its predecessor. Other physical designs on the action camera are below. 

Action Mounts


At the bottom of the GoPro Hero8 action camera are magnetic prongs that you can pull out for attachment unto mounting devices for some actions. Also is a waterproof door which has the port for the memory card and battery. Moving on, the Hero 8 is about 10g heavier than its predecessor. Well, that’s because of the mounting arms built with it. 

It’s taller and thinner than GoPro Hero 7 coming with (2.61 x 1.91 x 1.12inches) – in the most real sense, GoPro Hero8 is portable that it can easily fit into anyone’s pocket. 


On the front part of the camera is a new microphone channel to capture audio in front of the camera. An amazing thing with this feature is that it is noise or wind-resistant – meaning, even on fast speed, it will capture your audio sound perfectly. Even on live streaming on Facebook, your voice is captured well.

Also, there is an equipped AI voice command feature so that you can turn on your Hero 8 action camera with “wake” or better still, customize fancy words if you like. 



GoPro Hero8 comes with a lithium-ion battery of 1,220mAh durability. So technically, this is way higher than we have in GoPro 7. As you expect, it offers more battery life to recording time of about 50-72 minutes when maximizing your frame rates but interestingly, you can get more time if you’re not totally optimizing the resolutions and all. 

This battery may earn you 3+ hours to be fully charged so, if you’re considering more battery life, you might as well need to buy additional one as you cannot use the battery from former versions as a substitute. 

In case you have a power bank, the Hero 8 (Black) side door has a port for power bank plug – making it more convenient to charge while shooting. 

GoPro Hero 8 action camera Performance 

Now, this is the area most people are always looking forward to. You’ll need to know if GoPro Hero 8 is worth devoting time to review, alright. Let’s look at the performance in the video, photo and other qualities. 



You will agree with me that we wouldn’t need action cameras if we know we can take photos with our phones because they have an ultra-wide lens and all. But, I’ll tell you that Hero 8 SuperPhoto feature does more in capturing dynamic photos than most action cameras you might think of. To validate what this, you can try out it night photo shooting. Added are HDR and Original photo (RAW) features which you can customize for 30 seconds before shuttering. 


You can do video shooting across multiple resolutions on the GoPro 8. You can begin from 1080p/240 up to 4K/60fps. That Hero 8 (Black) offers 100Mbps 4K video than we have in Hero 7 alone makes it a banger for users. And the ratio resolution (4:3 & 16:9) plus the HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization work wonder across these resolutions. 

Hero 8 (Black) has an extra artificial lens for more detailing. In fact, the SuperView, wide and linear features aid the newly added “Narrow option (Max 1080p)” that allows you to capture at a nearly impossible angle view (27mm). 

If you hold GoPro 8 action camera good light, just expect to see stunning contents – I’m telling you, you cannot be disappointed. The Boost feature alone is a testament to instances where video stability is more crucial than just the clarity – keep in mind that Hero 8 gives you this 2-in-1 benefit. 

Compared to other brands, GoPro 8 capture feature gives you more shooting quality in the way it brings out the image from shadows and darker scenes. Hero 8 gets far brighter shooting with little grain than others at night. 

The new TimeWarp 2.0 is also magnificent. Unlike other action cameras, you can tap the GoPro 8 screen to slow down the real-time smoothly. And to smoothly speed it up again, you can tap the screen – it’s simple as that. 

Any Cons with GoPro 8?

Well, aside from the battery life which everyone expects to last longer than what we have currently, I really don’t see any problem with GoPro Hero 8 except for the GoPro app that’s not working well on the desktop systems. Aside from that, other devices function well with the app anytime. But, I think there’s always a room for improvement so, you should expect to see some things you wish were included as you begin to use the GoPro Hero8 action camera. 


Is GoPro Hero 8 worth buying?

Hero 8 (Black) is the trailblazer for the in-coming of other action cameras we will likely have in the future. And, as we can all see, GoPro is giving special attention to the designs while also nailing the basics with the help of larger frames, resolutions for live streaming, sensors and others.

What more can you hope for? The GoPro Hero 8 is an action-packed camera that offers you an amazing on-point action capturing and recording features that makes you be like “WOW!” If you are thinking of high-quality 4K resolution and video quality capturing, and live streaming and broadcast features, this is the best deal for you – you can’t get that anywhere else. Hero 8 (Black) is relatively affordable and I can tell you it’s worth the price. 

I should also mention that at its production, GoPro Hero 8 Black is the king of all action camera and that’s a thing to vouch for. I know you can’t wait to start exploring this Hero 8 (black) action camera; so, click the order now link to buy yours now. 

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