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Hello water lovers! iRocker has come again with an astonishing paddleboard to make your experience at the ocean or sea more fun. This type of board is an inflatable all-around paddleboard. But before I take you through this new iRocker paddleboard, I’ll like to tell you something briefly. Rick Harrison in the 90s went on an online market to buy some paddle tires but couldn’t find any. When he did find out the manufacturer that sold them, he bought 20,000 and had no problem reselling them. So when next you get mad you can find an item, realize there’s a market waiting to be explored

So, while iRocker All-Around 11 was topping the market last year, everyone thought they’d seen it all without knowing there is going to be a much more advanced one coming out soon. It is also amazing that the iRocker all-around 10 model was quite cheap to afford and with the production of iRocker all around 11, an exorbitant price was anticipated but it’s still astonishing what they have done with the cost of buying one.  

The iRocker product is a market for dazzling SUP boards worth exploring. Do you want to hit the water soon but you don’t know how to make your outdoor worthwhile? Do you want high quality stand up paddle to explore the open ocean but don’t know which standup paddling board is best for you? Have you been watching others explore paddling but are still thinking about the possibility of doing the same? Are you a beginner in using paddleboard? Do you care for a board with good weight capacity, high quality, and even good board up to thickness (6 inches)? 

Well, I have good news for you. The iRocker all around 11 is equipped to do more than you can imagine. Generally, iRocker products are very good so, coming up with iRocker All-Around 11 is another great achievement as many would call it.  I’m aware you may be considering the cost of the whole box. Actually, the price isn’t something you want to think of running away from as it’s really affordable and I’ll say it’s worth every penny you spend. 

That said, in this iRocker All-Around 11 review, I’ll be showing you interesting things. So, let’s take it one step at a time. 

is iRocker (all around) a good brand?

If we are talking about stand up paddleboard making companies, iRocker is a no-match. 

Since the iRocker started gaining popularity few years back, it has dramatically improved in all ramifications in producing their iRocker sup boards.  

They are famous for their line of quality inflatable paddle boards as they now sell top-notch SUP boards worldwide. 

Although one can expect to see consistent high prices of their products as we see almost all the time, the high quality always speaks as iRocker itself always emphasizes using their slogan “Not all stand up paddling boards Are Created Equal.” 

So it is a striking fact that “One can always find a cheaper paddle board but not the better one.” Relax it doesn’t go down that way. iRocker is a brand that is doing everything to accommodate everyone regardless of your budget. In fact, they have some other line of paddleboards that are economical. 

With the Nautical for beginners, for example, you don’t have to break the bank to get one. And even the other variants of iRocker boards like all around SUP 10, 11, 11’6 XL etc., they are priced way lower to introduce you the brand. 

If we are talking about quality and truth of board capacity, iRocker is a top-notch producer. With iRocker all around boards, there’s no place for lies about product quality or capacity like you’ll often find with other brands. I guess that’s why they are shaking the stand-up paddle boards market globally. 

Are iRocker (all around) paddle boards good?

If I need to convince you more that iRocker all around paddleboard is good, I would. Lol! Yes! Again, iRocker is a brand that produces medium to high size inflatable paddle boards. Whether you’re going for sporting, fishing, or just going on open water adventure, an iRocker all around paddle board is a good fit for you.

Also, if you want to paddle in twos, there’s just a bigger size board for more one person – iRocker all around 11. The good thing about all iRocker all around boards is that; accompanying them are high performance accessories like hand pump, a leash, adjustable travel paddle (fiberglass for all around 10 or carbon shaft for all around 11), repair toolkit, and a wheel compatible backpack. 

Although some of the accessories do not come with the whole paddle boarding kit, it is fantastic how the company has provided them to make water paddling an adventure to look forward to. On the iRocker all around paddle board, you’ll have multiple-action mounts for your Go-Pro camera, water tight pocket, and even cup holder – amazing right? 

where are iRocker (all around) paddle boards made

According to their website, the iRocker inflatable paddle boards are designed in Florida. In fact, iRocker sup boards are sold in 34 different countries including London and Germany – this is why they are rated as a leading brand in manufacturing inflatable sup boards. In the U.S alone, iRocker has several stores where you can easily buy any of their line of boards. So whether you’re in Utah or Oregon, you’re sure to get your iRocker paddle board delivered to you. In case you want to get in touch their customer service to check in for more details, you can do that here.

what is the best all-around stand up paddle (SUP) board?

Actually, there is no one best All-Around stand up paddle board. What do I mean? Ok, I’ll tell you. As the name implies, “All-Around,” simply means a general or multi-purpose paddle board for recreational paddling. Wait, not only that, it can be widely used for many SUP activities as well such as surfing, fishing, yoga, touring, cruising, white-water or river riding and lots more – you just name it. 

Thus categorizing the best all-around stand up paddle board will be determined by the activities you will be engaging into. It is further important for you to know that for different activities, there are different shapes of boards. So before you go for any, make sure you find out about the board in detail. 

A SUP board for surfing (between 7 and 10), for example, is shorter than a regular all around board (10 – 12) – the difference being that a surfing board allows you to maneuver the waves. Likewise, a SUP for touring (11 – 14) is longer than the regular all around board (10 -12) – as a touring board allows you to easily glide when covering long distance trips on the water. So, what’s the point of convergence for all all-around stand up paddle boards generally?

Suppose you want to go for a SUP race and you have the option to choose between SUP boards designed for surfing, river riding, touring, cruising and, you have an all-around, which would you choose? 

Keeping in mind the design specification for each of the boards, if you choose SUP surfing for instance, no doubt, you would maneuver the waves better than when you use a touring SUP. 

Wouldn’t you go for an SUP board that has all the multiple performance in all?  Oh yeah, right! You see, an all-around board does not totally exclude itself from all the key performances of other SUPs, rather, it takes better performance of all other boards and uses it on a moderate level and with a very high quality. 

Meanwhile, choosing the best all-around paddle board is based on the following: 

Width and Thickness.

Averagely, an all-around board width 32 inches is cool. So if you’re just beginning to use one, you’ll really enjoy it. It is also important that you note that the board width is also related to its stability when you use it. 

Another thing is that you can do well with a board that is 30 inches in width, because, you can develop balancing yourself and learn to use it more quickly. But, I’ll suggest that in whichever case you’re trying out an all-around board, a 32 inches wide is the best bet. 

Now, let’s go to thickness. An all-around SUP board thickness rallies around 4 and 6 inches. So, you should consider within this range as long as it can support your weight perfectly well. Although you might have a little problem choosing quality when considering that range, but it’s uncommon as they are getting scarce because 5 and 6 inches are dominating nowadays.

Peradventure you come across an all-around board that is thinner than 5 or 6 inches, make sure you check out the weight capacity and quality. In fact, thickness is usually a criterion for quality of an all-around board. 

The Length.

Whether for light or small paddling, all all-around SUP board length is around 11 inches. They are typically not that too long or too short – they are just so moderate. So because they perform on a moderate level, they’re maneuverable and have good speed – but remember it’s not as many other stand up paddles that are designed for long distance touring or surfing. 

Also note that when considering the length of an all around paddle board, your weight and height must be factored in. Because most all around boards are 10ft to 5inches long, the typical weight and height that is appropriate must not be far from the average. So, a longer board is meant for taller and heavier people while a shorter board is okay for shorter people. 


Shape to a reasonable extent, explains an inflatable SUP board balance and performance. Most of all-around SUP boards come in round tail shape and they may also come in rounded squared tail. A pointed nose isn’t really efficient. 

However, a simple round nose will give you a great chance of fishing, cruising, yoga activity, and even bring your pet onboard. All these are activities you can conveniently do with rounded shape or round squared shape but not with an all-around SUP board with pointy nose

So, if you’re looking for a paddle board that gives you good choice of overall quality, the iRocker paddle board is one of the few in the market – at least from many board users reviews available everywhere. 

What’s New (spectacular) about iRocker ALL-AROUND 11 Inflatable SUP board?

Triple Layer Composite PVC. 

The new ALL-AROUND 11’ paddle board uses a triple layer composite PVC in its construction. So the design is as strong as the regular Quad Layer construction. Amazingly, it is 20% lighter in weight – allowing you to transport and move easily while doing your thing on the water. 

Additional New Multi-Use Action Mount.

This is one of the amazing improvement in terms of features that iRocker has made in making their iRocker All-around inflatable board. There are extra new four multi-use action mounts making seventeen actions mounts compared to their previous model. This time, you get to have more location in the board to use camera, speakers, GPS and even your fishing rod holders – I know you like that. “LOL”. 

Bigger deck pad and bigger rear cargo storage.

This is particularly an improvement for people looking to have a firmer grip when using it. The enlarged deck pad is not something that will fall off easily. Furthermore, the iRocker All-Around 11 has a new front grab handle attached. 

New Carbon blend shaft paddle

Compared to the preceding fiberglass paddle that comes with earlier models of the iRocker, the new All-Around comes with a carbon blend shaft. Actually, it’s not that the fiberglass paddle material of the earlier version isn’t good anyway; the problem is that after paddling for a while, it can become uncomfortable. So, the newly upgraded carbon shaft paddle is really smooth, and lighter and makes paddling very enjoyable that you’ll almost feel not doing nothing when paddling.

New pockets added to the backpacks.

The backpacks for All-Around 11 board is equipped with extra bungee as well as Velcro storage. In addition to that, you can buy an attachable wheel tray to easily transport your backpack. 

What’s in the new 2020 iRocker All-Around 11 paddle box

 Versatile and Comfortable Wheel Compatible Backpack

The iRocker all-around 11 inflatable sup backpack is built with high quality material and this time around, the bag is more comfortable to carry. 

The backpack can be used to carry your materials like the iRocker paddle, the board, and the leash. 

You can also put other personal items like clothes, water-battle, and towels. Inside of the bag, you have two adjustable straps for tightening your items – so, your contents will always be intact. 

In addition to that, if you don’t want to carry the backpack on your shoulder, there is a handle on the side of the bag – giving you another option of carrying it by hand. 

Overall, when the backpack is fully optimized or loaded with stuffs, it can weigh between 38-42 pounds – well, depending on the kinds of stuffs you have in it. By depth, it is up to 18 inches; height is around 3ft, and 16 inches in width.  

 Dual-Chamber Triple action Hand Pump

iRocker all-around 11 inflatable sup kit comes with a 100 percent faster dual chamber triple action hand pump. Oh yeah, I know it’s not something many people would expect, but the hand pump really works better for the iRocker sup all around 11. 

This dual chamber hand pump, just like the previous models, can work from single action to dual action depending on the pressures you’re reaching. No worries, the dual action switching which it’s designed for is to help you pump your iRocker sup all round 11 in an easier way. 

 You should also know that it has 100% faster pumping capacity and can take up to 12 minutes to inflate the iRocker all-around 11 inflatable paddle board. Like others, you’ll find its pressure gauge at the top. So that way, you won’t overdo the inflation. 

Normally, the air gauge when inflated at 15 Psi has a weight capacity of 435 lbs – enough to carry up to two adults. 

Carbon Blend Ultralight Travel Paddle 

One of the branding construction of iRocker all around 11 inflatable paddle board box is the paddle that comes with it. 

It’s adjustable, and can go as long as 81 inches. In fact, depending on your posture – whether standing or sitting – you can separate it in different parts for use. You can also easily store it in the backpack. 

Compared to previous model, iRocker all around 10 that was made with fiberglass materials, the new iRocker all around 11 paddle is made of carbon shaft (weight about 28 oz.). It is stronger and lighter for use. 

Actually, the argument had been that fiberglass is a bit heavy and can be uncomfortable after a long tour, but with this recent carbon blend, you’re good to do. Yeah, I mean, more time for FUN! 

4 Multi Use Action Mounts

In your iRocker all around 11 inflatable paddle board box, you’ll find four action mounts that make surfing and open water experience more enjoyable. This time around, your Go Pro camera will catch more on-the-water moments than before when you use the mounts – LOL! 

3 Flip Lock Fins

The iRocker all around inflatable paddle board package has 3 fins for various water conditions. These accessories allow your board for easy and more compact roll up. There is a center fin which is larger, and also 2 side fins that are smaller. 

The difference with the previous iRocker all around 10 and iRocker all around 11 is that, iRocker all around 11 3 fins are detachable compared to 2 permanents and 1 detachable fins in iRocker all around 10. 

 10’ Coil Ankle Leash

Although not totally different from that of the iRocker all around 10 version, the leash of the new iRocker all around 11 inflatable paddle board is designed with key pocket and fits easily with the ankle whether you’re a man or woman. 

Also, you don’t have to think about bruises on your ankle as the leash is a Neoprene-padded (rubber texture) – making you to feel more comfortable when gliding on the water. 

20 D-Rings accessories

On the board deck are 20 D rings to tack your personal belongings especially for Kayak seat. Let me tell you how the D rings are located on the iRocker all-around 11. 

At the front and back ends of the iRocker sup, there are 6 D rings each (6 by 6) for bungee net where you can tightly keep your items. In the middle are 6 more D rings, while at the extreme front and back (tail) ends are 1 D rings each for the ankle leash.

Repair Kit

Good value for money is that you’ll find a repair kit in the box in case there is need for repair. In my experience using the iRocker all around 11 board and many popular reviews on their website, it’s rare to find any use of repair kit, but just in case and for quality assurance case, the repair kit is included. Fantastic right? Yeah, I know too. 

Why you should buy the iRocker All-Around 11 SUP board 

There a few questions you might be having in your mind about what’s so special about the All-round 11 SUP. Thus, I’m happy to tell you the iRocker 11 is specially made if you fall into the following categories


If you’re a beginner, iRocker all around 11 is a good deal for you. In fact, you generally don’t need to be that skillful to use any version of iRocker All-Around boards, so, using the iRocker all around 11 is just an icing to your cake. 

Far higher than the previous models (iRocker all around 10 for example), iRocker all around 11 inflatable stand up paddle board has a high stability value and good weight durability to last long and to also provide support. 

Also, those who are intermediate or experienced paddlers who want more to do more with paddling, like more of surfing generally, flat-water paddling, open ocean, and all kinds of activities and stunt, the iRocker All-Around 11 is a fit choice for you. 

Paddle alone or with your kid or babe

With an enlarged deck pad, the iRocker all around 11 allows you to have more space and enjoy solo paddling or paddling with your kid with another person. 

You weigh more than 200lbs

Compared to the iRocker all around 10 with weight capacity of around 200lbs, the iRocker all around 11 has weight capacity of 435 lbs – good enough to accommodate anyone’s weight. Oh yeah, with the iRocker inflatable paddle board version 11, you don’t have to worry about sinking whether you’re on the rough water or flat water. 

It has average length (11 ft), thickness (6 inches), width (32 inches) and the 3 fins under it will make you conclude within yourself that this is absolutely a fantastic SUP board you want to go for. 

High quality accessories

I actually think iRocker is reading people’s mind on this part. So, I’ll say that the desire for more accessories has led to the creation of more multi-use action mounts placed in multiple locations on the board to capture every moment while water gliding. Included also is a new rear cargo storage – which is a plus in the iRocker all around 11 standup paddle board.  

2020 iRocker All-Around 11 board Performance 

No bluffs, iRocker all-around 11 is the most balanced inflatable SUP board currently in the market. In a first attempt, you’ll clearly notice it’s fantastic weight capacity and moderate speed. 

It is relatively fast and keeps good tracks on water as well. Compared to the preceding version, its stability is higher for users – i.e., both light and heavy paddlers. Although particularly designed for flat water paddling and not surfing at all ranges, it still doesn’t mean you can’t use it for water activities of smaller waves. 

Also, maneuverability is another performance area you might be interested in. While smaller iRocker all around board is very good for maneuvering, bigger ones may not give you an 100% result. But that doesn’t make the iRocker all-around 11 board fall short of amazing maneuverability skills. 

Board design of 2020 iRocker all around 11 inflatable SUP

The new iRocker 11 inflatable SUP board has some eye-catching design you need to check out. Merely looking at it, you can easily spot the exceptional finesse – compared to earlier models of iRocker all around. 

The nose is raised higher than other inflatable SUPs out there. The reason for this is to aid navigation on choppy water and to help surf well. 

Ideally, all iRocker all around board noses fall in-between the shapes of other iSUPs for rough and flat waters. But this current iRocker all-around 11 nose is different as its nose is designed round-squared – so you tend to enjoy double purposes. 

Another thing I cannot but talk about is the 3-fin setup. If you see the preceding versions of the iRocker paddle boards, they have permanent side fins and 1 central fin. But, with this new iRocker all around 11, you can remove all the fins. 

And personally, this is a good improvement in design as it makes board roll up a lot easier and also more compactible when stacking more boards too. 

What about amazing colors?

Variety of colors for the iRocker all around 11 boards is inexcusable, so I must talk about it also – LOL!  iRocker has given more attention to colors which their products come with in the past, but this time around, they’ve performed beyond expectation. When you buy iRocker 11 all-around, you have the opportunity to choose from 6 beautiful shades of colors – such as orange, seafoam green, teal, green, gray and white

New iRocker all around 11 is made with a strong Military Grade Drop stitch core with 3 Layers composite PVC – meaning, it is very rugged, I mean really tough. 

No drop can easily puncture the board –  yeah, that’s what you’re buying. Although, you can argue that iRocker all around 11 isn’t the lightest among other inflatable stand up board of same category, but it’s really the toughest and most durable. 

iRocker 11 inflatable SUP board Specifications


Width and Length. When evaluated by length and side by side, the longest and widest the iRocker all around 11 can go is length 11, width 32 inches. It’s not something we should be bothered about since the median length and width of most 11 all around boards is within 10-12 ft in length and 30-34 inches wide.

So, I think the length 11’ width 32 inches are really okay. When deflated, iRocker 11 all around is around 35 inches and 13 inches in width and diameter respectively. 

Weight Weight Capacity and Thickness. iRocker all around 11 sup has 6 inches’ thickness and that’s pretty great. Besides, regular inflatable boards are only 4 – 6 inches thick. Weighing around 27 lbs, it’s weight capacity on the water is 435 lbs – meaning it can accommodate more one a person. 

But when its loaded in the backpack with other accessories, the total weight can be as high as 41 lbs or even more. 

Width Tail. The width tail of the iRocker all around 11 board is 16 inches – giving you more stability on the water. 

Is the 2020 iRocker All-Around 11 paddle board worth buying?

I cannot conclude this all around 11 review until I mention that the 2020 iRocker all-around 11 board is a paddle board rated as a military grade durability. You can imagine the kind of material the military would normally invest in making their boards – yeah, that’s right – really tough. 

The brand has really made a good investment in producing all around board, so, you’re buying quality. It is kind of sup that a lot of people love. It’s fast, stable and fun to use. In fact, if you’re just learning to paddle, you’ll love it. 

Generally, I think of iRocker sup boards as having the strongest paddle board materials – and I can attest to that fact even before the arrival of the 2020 iRocker all-around 11. So, regardless of the rough condition you can expect, iRocker all-around 11 will surely pass.

You can make mistake of buying this board. In fact, more and more people are finding a new hobby with the board – kudos to the stability and size. It’s really a rocker paddle board and It goes for cheap price on their website currently –so, go get yours now!

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