Serenelife inflatable standup paddleboard Review


SereneLife Inflatable standup paddleboard is a brand of paddleboard designed with strict focus to user versatility and budget. If you’re just setting out to try water paddling for the first time this a SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is another interesting choice for you. 

If you’re simply looking for something of decent quality, not too expensive, and still want to paddle confidently, going for a SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard will give quite lengthy time satisfaction as well.

It’s good for light as well as heavy paddlers within a max weight of 275lbs. Water adventure from a new standpoint using SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is really fun, so, you should give it a big “kiss.” Oh, I meant you should give it a try. 

Are inflatable paddle boards (SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard) good for beginners? 

Since it’s a typical all-around paddleboard, SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is good for both novice and intermediate water paddlers. If you’re an expert water paddler, you might not be fully satisfied with the SereneLife iSUP, that’s why I’ll recommend you go for something more sophisticated like iRocker inflatable paddleboard all around 10 or 11 which has everything you need. 

Average and small size paddlers will enjoy it more because of its design and with little emphasizes on the construction. It’s only 30 inches in width and 10ft long and as you can see, this dimension is only good for people of average size and not large-sized water paddlers per se. 

In terms of users’ weight and board capacity, SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard can perform well if you weigh between 220 lbs and 275 lbs. But, optimizing this weight point, you can do a minimal range of water activities like surfing, yoga even on rough and white water. 

Which is the best inflatable paddleboard?

To be frank, there are no specific best inflatable paddle boards. But, to determine your preference, you will have to consider the purpose (the type of water activity) which you intend to achieve. There are inflatable stand up paddle boards designed for specific water activities. So, your choice of water activity will help make an informed decision on the best inflatable stand up paddleboard you will need.

Some water activities include surfing, touring, floating, yoga and fishing. When you consider these adventures, there are specific paddle boards designed for them. And not only that, they vary in shape, length, and nose.

Consider this illustration; 

An iSUP board for surfing is between 7 and 10 inches and is shorter than all around board that is between 10 – 12. What’s the difference? The difference is that a surfing board allows you to maneuver the waves more perfectly than an all around. 

Likewise, an iSUP for touring that is between 11 – 14 inches, it is also longer than the regular all around board (10 -12). What’s different again? An iSUP touring board allows you to easily glide when covering long-distance trips on the water but an all-around iSUP gets you tired easily because it’s not designed in that specialty.

But for SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard which is an all-around iSUP, you tend to enjoy a double benefit of both surfing and touring iSUP (s). 

So, generally, you can choose the best inflatable paddleboard when you consider them in their type categories. And for SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard, you’re getting quality in the category of all around inflatable atnd up paddleboard. 

Are SereneLife (inflatable stand up) paddle boards good?

With reference to ThunderWave and FreeFlow features, SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is built with strong grade PVC with a high water-resistant layer. Once inflated, SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is quite stable and it’s much lighter than some other all around inflatable in the market. 

The stability is pretty uncompromised as well and you’ll feel as if you’re on a traditional hard board without losing balance (keeping in mind the accepted weight). 

It’s good for camping, boating and riding trips with limited storage space – this is at least on the average level though. It is worth of mentioning that SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is rated for varying levels of water skills and in various conditions and environment (you should read the part of this review that talks about performance to know more). 

Its design is non-slip and ensures you enjoy stable and steady paddling activities like yoga, fishing, and float nap. Well, on average, compared to other all-around paddleboards in the market, SereneLife paddleboard is good in overall quality. 

Are SereneLife (Stand up) paddle boards a good value?

Alright, this section will be an extension of what I was saying earlier so, let’s dig in. Well, I would say this boards command value and respect when you look at it. It’s beautiful and feels comfy at touch even with the thickness.

And for the price, the SereneLife paddleboard is of good value. You already know SereneLife board is made of a doubled-layer fabric and single-layer PVC. There is drop-stitch material surrounded by a double layer fabric with a single PVC layered material and 2 layers of PVC tape that seals the PVC layer and the fabric. 

Literarily, this single layer construction isn’t that of sound value, but it’s still relatively okay for board of this kind since it’s for people of small and average sizes and weights. But, if you’re quite a heavy paddler (say more than 270, give and take), the material might be a concern especially when you’re on choppy waters. 

Performance of SereneLife Inflatable paddleboard

SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard performs relatively well all-around at least. When it comes to assessing the performance of a typical all-around board, maneuverability and fastness and steadiness are usually the focal points of concern. 

Because it is 30 inches wide and 10 feet long, maneuverability is pretty cool using SereneLife inflatable stand up paddle board. But, keep in mind that how maneuverable it will entirely depend on the size of the paddler –ideally a small-sized and average-sized paddler. 

Its tail shape also helps as a propellant to the maneuverability since it’s almost like a squared-round one – known for most all-around stand up paddleboards. In tracking, SereneLife board is relatively fast, though more interesting on the all-around feature it’s designed for but cannot perform perfectly as other specially designed paddleboards. 

Also, you should know that SereneLife board 10 inches’ length will not make gliding so much easier especially when you intend to use on the water for a long time e.g., on rough lake or ocean. But, you can still enjoy it really well with minimal effort if you’re an experienced water paddler. 

If you’re however just trying SereneLife inflatable paddleboard out as an inexperienced, you tend to experience some stability issues but, I can assure you’ll be fine after some time trying. 

Specification of SereneLife Stand up paddleboard

Board Type

SereneLife board is an all-around paddleboard. And that means it is good for different stand up paddling activities like touring, surfing fishing and so on. The “but” here that it’s not 100% for all the activities. 

It’s a jack-of-all-trade board – good at all, but not outstanding performance in one. SereneLife board typically gives you the opportunity to enjoy a moderate benefit of all water board activities – thanks to the “all-around” features. 

Board Building and Materials

Remember that SereneLife board is an inflatable Stand up paddleboard which implies that it comes rolled up and for you to use it, you’ll need air. The air verve is at end of the board and included with the package is the repair kit in case you need some minimal adjustments. 

The material is made of drop-stitch material covered by 2 fabric layers and then the placement of non slip EVA foam used to make the deck pad where you will stand. 

Board weight and the Weight capacity

There’s not much to say in this part. But, it is worthy of mentioning that the SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard weighs approximately 19.6 pounds and its weight capacity peaks at 275 pounds. This is will afford you the chance to carry everything you need on the ocean (provided you’re within the weight capacity).

And, I’ll suggest you limit the on-loading weight to 250 pounds max. The essence of this to give room for error balance in terms of the material quality and all of that. 

Board Length, Width and Thickness

SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is 10 feet long. And that makes it the paddleboard for people having average and small body sizes. Furthermore, SereneLife inflatable SUP is 30 inches wide and that makes it more stable thereby validating the key benefits of all around paddle boards for beginners and intermediate paddlers trying out new things on the water. 

This 30 inches wide board also makes it a good deal for paddlers with lesser weight around 180 lbs or even less. SereneLife paddleboard is 6 inches thick and you’ll notice this in its stability and sturdiness. 

If we’re to make comparison with other all around boards, there are some other 6 inches thick boards that are not as good as SereneLife iSUP. 

SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard features


In case you’re just getting to know the features or descriptive of the SereneLife paddleboard, I’ll show you what a typical SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard looks like and also tell you the physical components as well as the use of those components. Just pay attention and read on!

D rings 

The SereneLife inflatable board has a 3 section D rings system which you can use for attachments, storage, and others when you’re on the water. However, the locations of these D rings vary on the board. 

Above the deck pad on your SereneLife board are 4 D rings which are typically used for holding extra luggage you are taking with you on the water. And hold the materials, you will need bungee net for cross-holding of those stuffs you’re taking. 

Also, in the middle part of the board (the deck pad) are 4 more D rings (2 on each side). And they help you secure your stuffs. In fact, since the location is in the middle of your board, you can comfortably sit while having fun on the water. Oh, I should mention that if you’re not going fishing, you can also place your kayak seat here as well.

And finally the last D Ring at the tail end of the board. This D ring is specifically located for you to attach your coiled ankle leash as well as for anchoring and towing the board. You will easily see it above the air valve of the board. 

Board Air Valve

The SereneLife inflatable paddleboard air valve is located right in the middle of the round brand logo just before the single D ring at the bottom end of the paddleboard. Through this valve, high air pressure will go into the board through the air valve. 

The SereneLife Inflatable SUP air pressure will usually peak at 22 PSI and that’s quite moderate since other all-around paddle boards are even lesser and they are sturdy. 

Deck pad

The deck pad is made of the popular EVA foam to ensure nonslip occurrence doesn’t happen. The non-slip feature means that even if water splashes on the deck pad to make it wet, you’ll still maintain stability and balance. 

Also, the deck pad is where you’ll stand when surfing. And if you want to sit or do other recreational activities on the water, this is where you’ll do them. 



The SereneLife Inflatable SUP has two permanent fins located side by side and one center removable fin to ensure easy navigation or maneuverability. There are other all-around paddle boards brands bringing in new designs where all the fins can be removed.

The only difference is in the ease of the board roll-up. Removable fins will allow you to roll up the board and also stack more than one inflatable SUP board. But as long SereneLife paddle board performs as expected, the rest is simple and besides, SereneLife will surely incorporate that in newer types. So, chill and enjoy this particular one. 

Handle for carriage

Just about the middle of the deck pad is the SereneLife board carry handle. Once inflated, the 19.6 lbs SereneLife inflatable SUP board can be carried without any stress. 

What’s included in the SereneLife paddle board box?


Non-floating Aluminum Paddle

The SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard box comes with an aluminum multipurpose paddle. What I mean by multipurpose is that the paddle is adjustable and a 3 piece one. So, you make it long and short as the case may be.

Coiled Ankle Leash

There is a coiled ankle leash in your package that you can attach to the single D ring right above the air valve of the board.

Manual air pump


There is a dual-chamber manual air pump with the gauge at the top – you’ll easily spot that. To fully inflate your SereneLife paddle board, it will take you roughly 10 minutes – that’s a little exercise to begin your adventure with, huh.

Repair kit

You need have to buy this separately as it comes along with the package. In the kit is the valve wrench you can use to tighten the valve seal if you notice any board deflation. You may also find PVC glue in yours in case the board hits a rock or something slightly punctures it. 


The backpack bag is fairly fancy and can literarily contain your kits when going for an adventure.

Pros and Cons of this amazing SereneLife paddleboard 


  • This 6 inches thick SereneLife paddle board is designed with quite good material
  • Less weight than its counterparts and that doesn’t affect its quality 
  • Relative good speed in performance with other all around paddle boards


  • SereneLife paddle board has a small storage system especially because of the number of D rings that makes storage possible. 
  • Less weight capacity: SereneLife paddle board isn’t meant for two adults or people weighing more than 275 max and you may have difficulty enjoying it if you fully utilize the weight capacity. So, try paddling with a weight of around 250-260 pounds. 

Is there any Warranty?

Oh yeah, there is. SereneLife gives customers a 1-year warranty with every purchased board in case of any defect that may result from manufacturing or design processes. I think this is cool – at least for quality assurance sake.

Is SereneLife paddle board worth buying

Although relatively cheap, that doesn’t imply inferior quality. It is a high-quality inflatable stand up paddleboard with options of 2 beautiful colors. When you purchase SereneLife inflatable paddleboard, you can be sure to be in safe hands. For entry-level beginners wanting to buy cheap and recreational paddleboards, this is a good choice for you (fantastic 30 inches wide). It’s a 6 inches thick board that will not tear easily. So, make your purchase now. 

On the external, it’s beautiful, complementary and relatively performs everything paddling just like other regular all-around paddle boards you’ll find in the market that is in the same category as it is. The backpack bag is cool and can carry everything you need to get to the waterfront and begin your adventure. 

Happy Paddling!

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