GoPro Hero8 & Hero9 Comparison

GoPro is still a top-rated brand when it comes to the manufacturing of portable action cameras – no doubt about that. GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Hero 9 are cameras specially made for capturing amazing moments which even your best smartphone cannot.

Whether vlogging, live streaming, reliable HyperSmooth, efficient Timewarp, GoPro Heros will do the job perfectly well. So you’ll know, if you’re a pro skier, pro cycler, pro water board paddler, GoPro hero cameras are very good for you.

Did you know that many of the stunts and amazing activities you watch on Instagram reels are made with GoPro hero action cameras? Of course, everyone wants better things. So, don’t deny yourself of capturing wonderful adventures – GoPro hero 8 and GoPro hero 9 are efficient action cameras to start with.

In this review, I’ll be delineating a few facets of both GoPro Hero 8 and Hero 9, so come along and let’s dig into unveiling interesting features and specifications that you need to know these two action cameras.


The first thing you need to know is that the improvements made by GoPro in its hero 9 over hero 8 is unmatchable and this is clearly evident when you see the earlier versions as well.


I’ll like to bring to your notice that the GoPro hero 8 is quite smaller than the GoPro hero 9. And the reason for this is suspected to be a result of the newly added aesthetics in terms of hardware. The difference here is really needful as GoPro has actually done a bigger action camera in the past – GoPro 7 – having almost equal size as GoPro 9. Peradventure you are thinking about the weight, you don’t have to worry – the camera is as light as you’ll think.


Hero 8 has a battery life of around 72 minutes when maximizing your frame rates, while hero 9 works with at least 84mins battery life. If you consider the ratio proportion of hero 9 with a promising 30% more life, it is very possible to get more.

Because of its battery size and weight, you tend to have more stability when positioning your camera when it’s not mounted. You’ll be surprised that although Hero 9 has an extra screen that normally consumes power, its battery capacity has proven to be more reliable than that of Hero 8.


This is one of the requirements for a good action camera. Hero 8 is a pacesetter on motion stability – coming out with HyperSmooth 2.0. And now with the production of HyperSmooth 3.0, Hero9 is taking the baton.

With HyperSmooth 2.0 and 3.0, you are good to go carrying out a lot of action series of your choice. Another thing to be added to the HyperSmoot feature is that Hero 9 does horizon leveling even when you shoot at 360 degrees. The Hero8 doesn’t do that.


Dropping from high-speed time-lapse mode to a natural real-time mode, timewarp 2.0 and 3.0 are interesting tools, to begin with. The timewarp is really good for catching slow-motion videos. 

Capturing and Streaming.

The GoPro series generally has a range of angle lenses, in and out zoom setting and frame rates which you will enjoy while using your camera. And added to the hero 8 and 9 are more advanced modules of these features.

For the record, hero 9 resolution is still the champion among many action cameras. It has 5K resolution and can capture at ratio 16:9 even with a wide lens, linear lens, and narrow lens. It 4K resolution can take 60fps/240 footage at 1080p. You can also get various resolutions, ratio 4:3 at 2.7K/4K. Hero 8 is similar in these features too except that it only captures at 4K max.

In conclusion

There is so much to find out when you buy GoPro hero8 or GoPro hero 9. Given the prices for the two action cameras, GoPro hero 8 is really cool. It’s only $100 cheaper compared to hero 9. On experience level, GoPro Hero 9 has quite amazing and advanced features you will enjoy. However, this comes at a cost – just a few bucks more.

Currently, GoPro is giving Hero 9 for $349.98 now and it comes with a deal of 1-year GoPro plus subscription with unlimited cloud storage. Also added are 32GB microSD card and you will, in fact, get a total camera replacement if you break or lose it (PS. this applies to GoPro plus subscribers only). So, if you’re looking for best action cameras, GoPro Hero 8 at $299.98 (1-year subscription) is an amazing choice while GoPro Hero 9 is a greater pick that you need to consider.

Happy buying and happy adventure!!!

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