Glock 19 G5

Introduction to the Glock 19

Introduction to Glock 19 Is your firearm not as efficient as you expect? Do you need something more functional and that gives a good feeling when you grasp it? Oh, the answer is obvious. Yeah! A smart firearm with the latest military-grade technology and efficiency is what you need. Relax, I am about to unveil …



This article is shared via our friends at (formerly CoffeeGrinderGuide) – if you have a coffee grinder fetish – they’re a great resource. It is imperative to grind your coffee beans properly to ensure you make an excellent cup of coffee. Flavorful coffee comes from consistently ground beans. It is imperative to have a …


CX-4 Storm specs

Beretta CX-4 Specs

The Beretta Cx4 Storm tactical carbine is a sporting or home-defense firearm offering a futuristic appearance and ease of use. Available in pistol calibers, it is adapted to use Beretta full-size handgun magazines, and it offers pistol-like controls that will be instantly familiar to Beretta users.Px4 compatible models Action Single Single Barrel length (mm) 422.5 …


GoPro Hero9 vs GoPro Hero8

GoPro Hero8 & Hero9 Comparison

GoPro is still a top-rated brand when it comes to the manufacturing of portable action cameras – no doubt about that. GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Hero 9 are cameras specially made for capturing amazing moments which even your best smartphone cannot. Whether vlogging, live streaming, reliable HyperSmooth, efficient Timewarp, GoPro Heros will do the …


GoPro Hero9

GoPro Hero 9 Review

“More resolution, More screens, More smooth – More Everything…”- that’s the slogan for the new GoPro Hero 9 Black. This validates many people’s expectation during the fall of every year when the manufacturer of the MOST VERSATILE action camera, GoPro, releases a new version of their action cameras – at least since the previous version, …


SereneLife Standup Paddleboard

Serenelife inflatable standup paddleboard Review

SereneLife Inflatable standup paddleboard is a brand of paddleboard designed with strict focus to user versatility and budget. If you’re just setting out to try water paddling for the first time this a SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is another interesting choice for you.  If you’re simply looking for something of decent quality, not too …


GoPro Hero8

GoPro Hero 8 Review

The market is actually taking a huge turn with the launching of GoPro Hero 8. Starting from when DJI started with the introduction of Osmo Action, the stabilization feature used in the GoPro series is further causing more waves than ever.  Who would’ve thought a former camera maker with a design that used to be …


irocker all around 11 review

irocker all around 11 review Hello water lovers! iRocker has come again with an astonishing paddleboard to make your experience at the ocean or sea more fun. This type of board is an inflatable all-around paddleboard. But before I take you through this new iRocker paddleboard, I’ll like to tell you something briefly. Rick Harrison …


Harbor Freight Solar Panel & Nature Panel Solar Comparison Review

The advent of solar energy is impeccably revolutionary. Solar technology is a difference-maker. It has changed how we generate electricity for household, industrial, and commercial uses.  Nowadays, we don’t need the different gas and plant combustion and levels of noise from the generator – thanks to this renewable energy. Solar energy is quiet, renewable, and …


NAture Power Solar Kit Review

Are you craving for sustainable electricity or going off the grid for some time? You need a quiet and highly efficient solar energy for electricity when going camping or any other activities. In fact, a countless number of people are subscribing to the idea of installing solar panels. No doubt, trying to get uninterrupted electricity …